Community Leaders Unite!

Community Leaders Unite!

Community leaders are individuals who care passionately about the place they live. They want to see their community grow and develop in a way that is supportive of everyone who lives there, and they want to make sure that each community member has a chance to enjoy the things that make their community so special. Community leadership has been identified as a key indicator for strong communities and civil society. We have many great community leaders in this area. At United Way Hastings and Prince Edward we want to be a fulcrum in the community, to provide community leaders like you a pivot point to leverage our strengths together.

If you’ve read “The Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins”, you’ll know he’s a creative, tenacious business leader who has built an empire through his innate ability to build partnerships that result in greater success, and faster results. Almost ten years ago, Rollins, a highly respected local philanthropist came up with the idea of leveraging donations for United Way Hastings and Prince Edward through his Leadership Challenge Program.  Rollins challenged leaders in the community to make a donation of a minimum amount, which he would then match at 100%.

All good business leaders, and those with entrepreneurial spirit, know how to leverage their strengths. One simple definition of a lever is a tool that uses a pivot point to multiply force in moving an object.  In other words, power and/or advantage can be gained using a lever. Rollins’ Leadership Challenge is just that, using his matching dollars as a powerful lever to the advantage of those in need within our community. Together, community leaders that donate through the Maurice Rollins Leadership Challenge can make an impact on the root causes of social inequality, taking local individuals and families from Poverty to Possibility, making sure kids can be All That Kids Can Be, and building Strong Communities. Since its inception, the United Way Hastings and Prince Edward’s Maurice Rollins Leadership Challenge has grown from $98,000 in 2008, to close to $250,000 in 2016. This entrepreneurial approach to fundraising has allowed United Way HPE to leverage 1.4 million dollars over the past nine years.  Without these dollars, programs, services and support for those most vulnerable would not otherwise have been possible.

 “The main thing is the number of people that you support with your donation,” said Mr. Rollins. “The United Way of Hastings & Prince Edward is helping the people that can’t raise money themselves and they’re also making sure that the donor’s money is well stewarded.  Best of all [the people and agencies you’re helping] they’re all local.”

As a community leader, you are changing the lives of your neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends when you make a gift to United Way Hastings & Prince Edward. All dollars raised stay local and contribute to local organizations and programs, such as the 75+ different community programs that were funded last year.

Leaders have the power to be instruments of change and inspire others to create a better tomorrow. The Maurice Rollins Leadership Challenge gives individuals who are new contributors of $1,200 or more to the United Way Hastings & Prince Edward, the opportunity to be a leader in our community. Mr. Rollins will match all new leader donations 100%.

Gifts of $1200 and above will:

  • provide meals 7 days per week for a medically compromised senior who is awaiting placement in a long term care home because they can no longer live independently (Community Care for South Hastings, Meals on Wheels Program), or
  • provide program supports for an adult completing their high school education to stabilize their financial base, increase their health and wellness, participate in career exploration, and plan for college or university (Prince Edward Learning Centre, Community Connect Program).
  • provide 25 children the transportation to attend an afterschool activity such as baseball or hockey or football for the duration of the season (Bancroft Community Transit, After School Transportation Program), or
  • provide 52 individuals new pillows, towels and comforters for starting in a transitional home. While it was a practice to launder and reuse bedding – the risk of head lice and bed bug infestation makes it a better risk management piece to use new items for each tenant. These also become items that the client takes to their new home when safe and affordable housing is obtained (Canadian Mental Health Association, Homelessness Program).

“ 2 weeks ago the pit was pretty dark and deciding if I pulled seats out of the car, would I have space to lie flat? Now I have a new apartment that provides me so much hope I can sleep through the night.”

Robin, North Hastings Community Trust

For more information about Leadership Giving, contact Kathy Murphy, Executive Director, at 613-962-9531