Domtech Celebrates Over 20 Years of Corporate Giving

Domtech Celebrates Over 20 Years of Corporate Giving

Domtech Inc., founded in 1973, is a local manufacturer of electrical wire and cable. They started small and have grown progressively ever since, currently they have 105 employees, and a 125,000sq ft. facility in Trenton, ON. Their wide variety of product lines, such as power and extension cords, are sold across Canada and exported around the globe. Domtech has been a corporate donor to United Way Hastings & Prince Edward since the early 90s, which started as an alternative gift to their customers to show their appreciation. A few years after that they had their very first employee campaign and they’ve had one every year since. Elia Gallo, Domtech’s controller, is the current United Way Campaign Ambassador for their company.

Tim Bannon, Owner and Co-President of Domtech has been donating to the local United Way since first moving to the area in the early 80s. What attracted him to the United Way model of giving was that “with one donation I was helping out so many local agencies and so many people in need” and that United Way provided quality ‘assurance for each donation dollar by carefully researching each of the agencies that receive funding. Tim says that the funding that the United Way receives is important because of the number of lives touched in our community, he says that without the United Way the community would look very different, “if people didn’t have that help, there would be a lot less hope.”

Tim feels that from a business perspective, employees and the greater community, like to see business as being more than just the bottom line, “I think people want to see their employer as caring about them and the community.” In addition to giving back to the community that they conduct business in, companies get the added benefit of being recognized as an employer that gives back witch is great for employee morale, recruitment, and overall business profile in the community.

“Most importantly, given the breadth and depth of the programs delivered by the United Way agencies, there is no doubt that some of your employees are going to be benefiting from the programs being delivered by United Way agencies. When we contribute, and when an employee contributes to that campaign, we’re helping our employees and they’re helping their fellow teammates. When you have that kind of help and support you end up with more productive employees and just a better working environment.”

Tim Bannon has taken his commitment to the United Way beyond financial contributions to the local United Way over the 3+ decades that he has been donating privately to the campaign. Tim first learned more about what the funded agencies do when he first volunteered on the allocations committee, and he is now the Vice-Chair on the board of directors. When looking at the local landscape for fundraising, Tim sees “there’s no doubt that the fundraising environment is extremely tough. It’s tough because there’s a lot of competitors, and there are a lot of competitors because the need is great and the demand for services is insatiable. That is our environment and we need to rise to that challenge.” The entire board of directors is in sync with their vision for the future, and they see the United Way as much more than a fundraising organization. It’s an organization that is making change in the community and is dedicated to making that change, “we really see United Way Hastings & Prince Edward as being a hub for the community. A hub that connects agencies, donors, people in need to some extent, and other stakeholders in the community.”

If you are interested in workplace or individual giving please contact Melanie Cressman, Director of Fundraising or 613-962-9531

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