Community Connections with Kathy Murphy

Community Connections with Kathy Murphy

Caring Corporations Give Back To Their Communities & Benefit From Their Own Generosity

By Kathy Murphy, MBA, CHRP, ED United Way Hastings & Prince Edward

A recent report by Imagine Canada, titled “Corporate Community Investment Leadership”, aims to “explore employee engagement and corporate giving strategies of leading companies” in the interest of demonstrating the importance of community impact on a company’s bottom line.

The report provides insights into the motivating factors for employees who have a growing desire to participate in and contribute to creating positive community impact. The report goes on to provide data on how companies can improve bottom line results through focussing on volunteerism, donating time and resources and creating positive community impact as part of their strategy and business plan. For leading edge companies who engage teams in addressing pressing – root cause issues, their bottom line has been shown to improve in a culture of caring.

The report can be read in its’ entirety at

Many examples of these Caring Corporations are right here in our community. Led by United Way HPE’s main community campaign contributor of 30 years – Procter and Gamble, Belleville. Procter & Gamble’s active year round community campaign in Hastings & Prince Edward Counties, demonstrates this multinational brand’s priorities in creating healthier, more vibrant, inclusive communities. This is not just for mainstream populations, but for those who are vulnerable. As one of United Way’s key pillars – creating a healthier community is something Procter and Gamble, and many other local businesses take very seriously. Joe Folk, plant manager for the Belleville Procter and Gamble site, recently commented on the responsibility and culture of giving, at P&G. “It is the focus of Procter and Gamble to be in our communities, helping to improve the lives of people in the places we work and hire from,” he said. “To do that we try to drive all our employees to look at the community and how they can make it better.

The Imagine Canada report cites many examples of employee satisfaction for work teams who provide solutions to community conditions both socially and economically.

Thinking about adopting core values of social impact to increase your employee engagement and bottom line?

Consider P&G’s community impact statement: “ Throughout our history, we have operated on the belief that the interests of P&G are inseparable from the needs of the communities where we operate. At P&G Canada, we demonstrate this value by investing in non-profits and charitable organizations across our country” (source This powerful message shows that P&G as a company clearly lives by, and performs to, standards of a socially conscious culture of excellence in business and philanthropy.

The benefits provided by socially conscious businesses are too numerous to count, but are generally attributed to improved employee and customer satisfaction levels supported by a large body of research. Evidence shows that socially minded businesses see higher levels of loyalty, productivity, pride and higher engagement.  For a full list of caring corporations, click here

For us here at United Way, we see a healthier, caring, and more inclusive community through the efforts of these caring corporations. For more information on this topic, and how workplace giving can support your bottom line, contact