Call for Proposals 2018

Call for Proposals 2018 2018-10-26T19:42:28+00:00

United Way of Hastings & Prince Edward invites interested and eligible organizations located in or providing service to Hastings County and/or Prince Edward County to submit requests for investment.

Funding will be for a one year term beginning April 2019.


United Way of Hastings & Prince Edward (HPE) is proud to be a respected fundraising organization and trusted community partner.  In an effort to continue to bring about measurable and permanent change for people throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, United Way HPE has created three priority areas that are supported by the communities’ not-for-profit social services sector following extensive research that began in 2011.  These priority areas include All that Kids Can Be, From Poverty to Possibility and Strong Communities.

Each of these priorities is part of a larger strategy known as Community Impact (CI). Community Impact can be defined as making fundamental changes to community conditions, which includes, but is not limited to allocating funds through the annual fundraising campaign. Ultimately, it is about people and organizations coming together to create lasting measurable change.

The CI strategy will be achieved by identifying the root causes of key local issues, developing strategies to address them, bringing together the funding and resources needed to get the job done, and finally, measuring the results.

Eligible Organizations

Eligibility for United Way HPE funding includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The agency must align with United Way HPE Community Impact Strategy and,
  • The agency provides services to residents of Hastings County and/or Prince Edward County and,
  • A volunteer Board of Directors governs the agency and,
  • The agency provides audited annual financial statement and,
  • The agency must be an organization that is a qualified donee under Canada Revenue Agency. (To learn what a qualified donee is click HERE)

Please review the Community Impact Fund Investment Guidelines HERE  for further information regarding eligibility and Investment Criteria

Proposals must address one of United Way HPE’s three priority pillars:

  • All that Kids Can Be,
  • From Poverty to Possibility or
  • Strong Communities.

United Way HPE has identified specific long and short term outcomes within each pillar.  Successful programs must directly address one of the long term outcomes and one of the short term outcomes and provide directly related strategies that impact the outcomes. Please review the summary document outlining these outcomes HERE  Detailed Guidance Letters for each long term outcome can be found HERE 


Requests for Investment MUST be completed and submitted online via e-CIMPACT by December 10t, 2018 at 4:30 EST; at this time, access to the online system will be closed and late applications will not be accepted.


All Requests for Investments that are complete and submitted on time will be reviewed by United Way HPE staff before being forwarded to a citizen review committee.  Citizen Review teams (community volunteers), guided by United Way HPE staff and using standard scoring tools will:

  1. Review and evaluate submissions, and
  2. Make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors of United Way HPE

United Way HPE Board of Directors has final approval of all funding decisions and reserves the right to reject any proposals. For a detailed timeline of the process, please see the Community Impact Fund Investment Guidelines


Accessing the Application

If you are currently funded by United Way HPE through the annualized allocation process, please use your assigned agency login and password from last year’s process. All other organizations, please create an account  HERE

Completing the Application

A detailed Agency training manual that will guide agencies through the application process can be accessed HERE The application is only available through the e-CIMPACT system.  Training sessions will be held as per the schedule below.

Training Schedule

United Way HPE will host training sessions.  These sessions will review the Community Impact Strategy and priority focus areas.  The sessions will provide agencies an opportunity to ask questions about the funding application process.   These sessions will provide a brief introduction and orientation to the e-CIMPACT software system. United Way HPE strongly encourages all applicants to attend a training session.

Tuesday November 6th, 2018


United Way HPE

55 Harriett St.  Belleville

10:30 – 12:00 noon

Tuesday November 6th, 2018


United Way HPE

55 Harriett St.  Belleville

2:30 – 4:00

To register for ONE of the training sessions please email