Strong Communities

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Building strong communities means building the assets individuals and families need to handle life’s challenges; these assets reside ‘within’ an individual.  We also build assets in the communities and neighbourhoods where we work and live;  creating social connections or opportunities to get involved so community members can experience personal safety, belonging and well-being.

We have identified three focus areas build strong communities, each with a long term outcome.

Impact Statement:

To improve opportunities for people to access programs and supports that empower them to overcome barriers, build resilience, reduce isolation and be part of a caring, inclusive community.

Connecting People to Supports

To ensure people in our community are aware of and able to access programs and services relevant to their needs.

Neighbourhood and Community Engagement

To encourage an increased sense of neighbourhood where people interact, become involved in and contribute in various ways to their community.

Personal Wellbeing and Safety

To strengthen our community, fostering an environment of health, safety and independence and better positioning individuals and families to react when their health and/or safety is compromised.