Dragon Boat Festival – CANCELED

Dragon Boat Festival – CANCELED


Victoria Harbour, Bellleville

Whether it’s a corporation using the Festival as a team building opportunity or a group of friends looking for a day on the water, the Dragon Boat Festival is a fun way to bring people together for a great cause! An entry into the day includes 2 practices and lots of instruction.

Teamwork is everything in dragon boat racing. Synchronization is more important than strength. A perfectly synchronized team will almost always beat a stronger, but less coordinated team. As an experience, dragon boat racing is rich in learning opportunities for any group. It brings together diverse players – all of different abilities and strength to achieve a common goal, offers corporate teams and groups a unique opportunity to explore group dynamics while increasing productivity and effectiveness.

A dragon boat team generally consists of 20 paddlers (you may also wish to have several alternates) as well as a drummer at the bow. It is guided by a steers person at the stern (a steers person and a drummer will be provided for your team). Teams combine power and rhythm to achieve maximum acceleration and speed over a specified distance. Our races are recreational and many of our paddlers are trying dragon boat racing for the first time. Community crews are expected to participate in TWO practice times which will be scheduled when registration is received by the club.


EARLY BIRD PRICE: $650 per adult team before JUNE 1, 2020
$700 per adult team ($200 non-refundable deposit required upon registration)

Contact Belleville Dragon Boat Club
for more details 613-961-5062 or info@bellevilledragonboatclub.com

Time: Saturday August 22nd, 2020 @ 8am