Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Improving Lives Locally

When we work together to fight important issues, the results are impactful. Think supports that are accessible to everyone, when they need them. Think stronger, better-connected communities. Think pathways out of poverty. What does local love look like? A transformed community – and thousands of transformed lives. United Way’s work focuses on three key strategies that create opportunities for everyone in our communities to live a better life.

Providing hope and tools for success

From Poverty To Possibility

A thriving community is one where everyone had an opportunity to earn a living, support their family, and live with pride, confidence, dignity and achievement. When we help people support themselves and maintain stability for their families, we lift our entire community to a better place.

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Laying the foundation for lifelong success

All That Kids Can Be

Every child matters. Every young person matters. Each and every one of them deserves a chance to succeed in school & every opportunity to succeed in life.

Children are the future of our community. Together, we can make sure kids are set up to succeed from their earliest years, laying the groundwork so they can begin school ready to learn, and finish school ready to take on the world.

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Improving Opportunities to Overcome Barriers

Strong Communities

Building strong communities means building the assets individuals and families need to handle life’s challenges; these assets reside ‘within’ an individual. We also build assets in the communities and neighbourhoods where we work and live; creating social connections or opportunities to get involved so community members can experience personal safety, belonging and well-being.

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