All That Kids Can Be

All That Kids Can Be

Laying the foundation for lifelong success

Every child matters. Every young person matters. Each and every one of them deserves a chance to succeed in school & every opportunity to succeed in life.

Children are the future of our community. Together, we can make sure kids are set up to succeed from their earliest years, laying the groundwork so they can begin school ready to learn, and finish school ready to take on the world.

The Challenges

  • 1 in 4

    Local youth will not graduate high school within the 4 year on time graduation period

    Why it matters:

    Students who don’t complete high school have more difficulty securing meaningful employment that may lead to experiencing more mental and physical health problems.

  • 50%

    The amount of grade 3 students who will not meet provincial standards for math

    Why it matters:

    Mathematics helps students acquire a framework for reasoning, justifying conclusions and expressing ideas clearly.


  • 15-35%

    Of youth are suffering from mental health issues

    Why it matters:

    There is a lack of services provided and we need more and better education of the public about mental health and addiction issues.

How We’re Changing Lives

Connectedness & Community Involvement for youth and parents 

Young people feel respected and trusted within the communities they live, creating a strong sense of place and belonging where youth thrive and contribute, empowered to meet the high expectations they have of themselves and their community has for them.

Emotional & Physical Well- Being

Young people have meaningful, healthy relationships with at least one adult and benefit from accessible and affordable opportunities to form healthy peer relationships and lifestyles.

Engagement in Learning

Children and youth are supported in their optimal development and prepared initially for school, for the challenges they face and for transitions to post-secondary education and meaningful employment.

Connectedness & Community Involvement

Connectedness & Community Involvement

We invest in programs that build strong parenting and coping skills, that engage young people in the life of their community, that promote integrated, intergenerational community and neighbourhood spirit and those that build self-advocacy skills.


Emotional & Physical Well-being

Emotional & Physical Well-being

United Way HPE invests in programs that engage kids and youth in recreational opportunities and promote healthy peer to peer and adult to child relationships; we support programs that introduce new interests and opportunities and provide safe places to play that promote social inclusion.


Engagement in Learning

Engagement in Learning

United Way HPE invests in programs that support school success for at risk learners,  that promote early learning and school readiness; we fund programs that promote the skills needed for transitioning from youth to adults, and those that that foster school completion for kids who are at risk of dropping out.


Results That Matter

  • 518 Youths

    Attended a United Way-funded youth centre in HPE for a total of more than 7,000 visits in the last year.

  • 5,386 Kids Helped

    To create a strong sense of place and belonging where youth can thrive and contribute.

  • 496,881 Units of Service

    Provided to ensure children and youth are supported and prepared for school and easy transitions.

  • 17 Programs

    Including 613 families that participated in the Positive Parenting Program.

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