Healthy People, Strong Communities

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Improving Opportunities to Overcome Barriers

Building strong communities means building the assets individuals and families need to handle life’s challenges; these assets reside ‘within’ an individual. We also build assets in the communities and neighbourhoods where we work and live; creating social connections or opportunities to get involved so community members can experience personal safety, belonging and well-being.

The Challenges

  • 1 in 5

    Canadians live with mental illness

    Why it matters:

    These barriers are often amplified for vulnerable individuals—including seniors, people living with disabilities and newcomers—and can lead to challenges like social exclusion and mental illness.

  • 33%

    Individuals do not have their mental health needs met.

    Why it matters:

    Without the proper support in place individuals and families aren’t in a position to access opportunities for safety and wellbeing.

  • 1 in 3

    Canadians do not report a strong or very strong sense of belonging to their local community.

    Why it matters:

    Mental health counselling, training sessions and engagement opportunities are just some of the many vital, community-based resources that help make a difference.

Powering Change

How can we fight back? By unleashing our local love- one generous act at a time. Your gift is what powers United Way’s crucial work, allowing us to target funds and mobilize on-the-ground efforts to tackle persistent social issues at the root. That’s how we change lives, today and for years to come.

Here are examples of your donations at work:

$100 provides a senior living with Alzheimer’s with a weekly visit for three months.

$260 provides 10 people with 10 weeks of guidance on how to support a family member or friend struggling with mental health issues.

$365 provides a woman who has experienced violence with 16 weeks of group therapy.

$800 helps bring together 100 neighbours to identify common challenges and solutions, making their community stronger and safer.

$1,400 provides a newcomer with eight months of English classes and childcare, helping them develop their skills and build important community connections. When people and families can’t access the supports they need to thrive, entire communities can fall behind. For residents living on a low income, opportunities to build a good life—including access to meaningful social networks, good jobs and affordable housing—aren’t equally available.

Your support fuels United Way’s work in helping to strengthen neighbourhoods across Canada so we can all share in the collective benefits of healthy, vibrant and prosperous communities.

$156M+ is invested across Canada, empowering individuals and entire communities by ensuring access to services and programs.

3,000+ programs and services strengthen and unite communities, helping them become more vibrant and connected.

3M+ individuals and families are served across Canada.

Connecting People to Supports

Connecting People to Supports

To ensure people in our community are aware of and able to access programs and services relevant to their needs.

Neighbourhood and Community Engagement

Neighbourhood and Community Engagement

To encourage an increased sense of neighbourhood where people interact, become involved in and contribute in various ways to their community.

Personal Wellbeing and Safety

Personal Wellbeing and Safety

To strengthen our community, fostering an environment of health, safety and independence and better positioning individuals and families to react when their health and/or safety is compromised.

Results That Matter

  • 498 Hours

    Counselling hours received by women who experienced violence, to assist with increasing their personal safety and developing safety plans.

  • 3,192 Families Helped

    With access to mental health programs and services

  • 97,287 Units of Service

    Provided to individuals and families for training, access to information and resources

  • 11 Agencies

    Help to ensure people in our community are able to access relevant programs to their needs.

100% of your donation stays in Hastings & Prince Edward.

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