Sam’s Story

September 22, 2020
Sam’s Story

Sam works hard to support his family, but like many families he finds himself only one paycheck away from being able to keep on top of his bills. Recently Sam had to make a choice between feeding his family or keeping the electricity on. Sam didn’t know what to do until he learned about a United Way HPE funded program that could help him.

How the Poverty to Possibility pillar supported Sam

United Way Hastings & Prince Edward believes that when we help people to support themselves and maintain stability for their families, we lift our entire community to a better place. The local agency that supports individuals like Sam, has a mandate to keep our community warm and fed and prevent homelessness by offering assistance to avoid utility disconnection, evictions, hunger, child neglect, and the stress of a financial emergency . They help individuals and families navigate the system of services available and offer small bill payments once per year to provide a hand up in times of crisis.

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