Women United™ is an inclusive and vibrant global community of change makers bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to one another, to our community and to the mission of transforming the lives of women and their families. In August of 2019, the inaugural meeting of Women United in Hastings & Prince Edward counties was attended by 24 women leaders from our community to discuss how they believe women and girls experience life locally, what some of the pressures and priorities are and where change is needed. Ultimately, a focus was determined for our local Women United movement.

Intention, Importance, Impact & Influence

Women United™ members challenged themselves and each other to critically assess 1) what is important to change, 2) where our group can have an influence & impact, and 3) where we can be intentional about the change we want to create. Through this process, 2 priority areas were defined.

Priority Areas Identified

1) Education & Employment Women United™ Hastings & Prince Edward will assist women and girls to explore possibilities and support success through education & entrepreneurship
2) Health & Well-being Women United™ Hastings & Prince Edward will create, inspire or support initiatives that promote mental well-being for women and girls across HPE

Current Community Members:

  • Amanda Lorbetski
  • Andrea Allard
  • Anne Dawson
  • Becky Nickle
  • Brandi Hodge
  • Carmela Ruberto
  • Cathy Rushton
  • Corrine Engleman
  • Esthel Issa
  • Gail Walker
  • Hilary Murphy
  • Janeen Halliwell
  • Jennifer Keilty-Friesen
  • Jodi Cooper
  • Kathleen Bazkur
  • Leslie Abram
  • Lindsey Belch
  • Liz Knuude
  • Lori Meeboer
  • Lynda Wheeler
  • Melanie Cressman
  • Rosi Oulette
  • Sandie Sidsworth
  • Tammy Empey
  • Kimberly Horan

We hope you will join Us!

Please register by calling Melanie at 613-962-9531 or mcressman@unitedwayhpe.ca