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Workplace Campaigns

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Employee Giving

United Way Hastings & Prince Edward works with hundreds of workplaces throughout our whole region to run Employee Giving Campaigns.

An Employee Campaign encourages individual employees in your workplace to make a charitable donation to our community. Employees choose to have a specific amount of money regularly deducted from their paycheck. Many people find it easier to contribute a small amount each pay period than to contribute the same sum of money all at once – plus, no charitable tax receipts to keep track of – their charitable giving is reflected right on their T4 each year.

Employee Campaigns are offered to workplaces of all sizes; from small businesses of 2 people to large organizations of 1000+.

It’s easier than you think!

  • Connect with United Way HPE to let them know you’d like to participate in the employee giving program
  • Assign an Ambassador to be the main point of contact for the campaign
  • Distribute payroll deduction forms to your employees
  • Submit your completed payroll forms to your payroll department & inform United Way of your anticipated total
  • Monthly/quarterly/annually submit payment to United Way HPE

United Way HPE offers resources and supports to ensure the simplest of processes.

We will:

  • Be available to join a staff meeting to present about United Way HPE to your team
  • Provide the tools and resources you need including a digital toolkit, short videos, stories of impact, payroll deduction forms and success stories


Why Start a Workplace Campaign?

Community Leadership
Promote Team Building
Give Back To The Community
Be Ambassadors for Change