Youth2Youth HPE is a youth led group with a mission to spark innovative thinking and work in partnership with community leaders to help increase solutions to local problems – identified by youth. The areas youth wish to see change in include, economic development, the environment, youth poverty, sexual health and substance abuse, mental health, social media, gender equality / diversity and filling community gaps.

Youth2Youth HPE is always looking to recruit new Youth Ambassadors who are interested in making a difference in their community. If you have an idea for a community action project, are looking to network with a group of likeminded peers and incredible community partners, or want to make sure that your voice is heard on the issues that matter most to you – please reach out to us on social media, email, or call 613-962-9531.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @Youth2YouthHPE




How We're Creating Change

United Way Hastings & Prince Edward has a mission to create new resources & improve experiences for youth in HPE. We want to form an inclusive culture based on youth perspective and build connections between youth and opportunities.

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Partnering with Local Youth and Community Organizations

Youth2Youth HPE is working with local youth, non profit organizations, and the broader community to create new resources and improve experiences for youth in HPE so all youth have a chance to succeed.

y2y make a difference

Capture a Regional Youth Voice on Crucial Issues

In order to create change for youth, we need to hear from them about the issues they care about. This will form an inclusive culture based on youth perspective.

y2y be a part of change

Create Youth Leadership and Empowerment Opportunities

We will be organizing working groups focused on key youth issues that empower youth and encourage them to take a leading role in grassroots change. This will build connections between youth and leaders in our local community, assisting them in their future employment goals.

The Challenges

  • 1 in 3

    12.8% of males and 16% of females reported having mood and anxiety disorders

    Why it matters:

    As indicated during the 2017 Youth-2-Youth Summit, youth need greater mental health supports in our local community. By collaborating with community partners and local youth we can increase the amount of mental health services available, so young people in our community are fully supported.


  • 21%

    of youth aged 17 and under are living in low income households

    Why it matters:

    When families live in poverty, have trouble putting food on the table, or paying their rent, youth struggle to focus in school and fall behind their peers. By providing these youth with leadership and empowerment opportunities we can help break the cycle and ensure all of our youth have the best start possible.

  • 12%

    of youth with self perceived fair or poor mental health

    Why it matters:

    Youth who experience mental health issues stated at our 2017 summit there wasn’t enough understanding from their teachers or parents about their struggles. By partnering with the broader community, we can ensure the reality of current youth mental health issues is apparent and action is taken.

Results That Matter

  • 4,370 Youth

    United Way funded agencies allowed youth to access programs that helped them reach their highest potential

  • 1 in 3

    People benefit from United Way funded program or service each year

  • 7,000 Visits

    Were made in the last year to United Way funded Youth centers in HPE

  • 17 Programs

    We help by investing in high impact programs delivered by 12 United Way funded agencies