United Way Hastings & Prince Edward in partnership with United Way Northumberland and a host of community collaborators, has created the Community Conversations project to start dialogue and fulsome conversation with our community around the topics of equity, diversity and inclusion.

This project will include a series of conversations in order to learn alongside community members. By better understanding how our community is doing with diversity and inclusion and by learning directly from community members about how we can improve communities all over Hastings County, Prince Edward County and Northumberland County can reflect on recommendations and calls for action to create communities that are inclusive and equitable. The end result for this project will be the creation and distribution of a community action plan that brings together what was heard in the conversations, the recommendations that came out of the conversations, and how and who should take ownership over the different elements of the recommendations.

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For more information, please contact

Kaitlyn Lalonde, Outreach & Impact Coordinator

United Way Hastings & Prince Edward

613-962-9531  klalonde@unitedwayhpe.ca