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Our community is growing and changing, and United Way Hastings & Prince Edward wants to better understand the priority issues that matter most to you. United Way HPE invites you to share your thoughts and ideas about our community’s challenges, strengths, and what you see for our community’s future. 

This is a unique opportunity for United Way HPE to deepen its understanding of our community’s needs, and it’s your opportunity to help guide the organization’s future decisions and direction.

In order to encourage the achievement of measurable change in our community, United Way HPE will develop a community-vetted recommendation through this conversation process, which will contribute to the final Community Impact strategy that will guide all of our work, including funding for community programs. Funding of community programs and services that align with the priorities will be paramount to truly impacting change; community outcomes will be established and programs and services that are funded by United Way Hastings & Prince Edward will be measured against those outcomes. 

Project Details

The goal of this project is to refresh the United Way Hastings & Prince Edward Community Impact Strategy. We’ll do this by developing a community-vetted recommendation regarding priority issues, analyzing community data, and then integrating these together to prioritize the issues and develop a full implementation plan. The final Community Impact strategy will guide all of United Way HPE’s work, including the funding of community programs and services that align with the priorities. We will also engage in collaborative community work that aligns with new strategic priorities.

Our engagement goals are to ensure providing input is accessible through multi-modal opportunities that include both virtual and in-person ways to contribute to the process. We will ensure that the full region of HPE is included by holding engagement sessions in each unique community. This will help us to identify the most pressing concerns for the unique communities;  as well as determine similarities for the broader community of HPE. We will strategically involve donors, agency & community partners, corporate partners, and government officials to engage diverse groups.

United Way will be hosting virtual and in-person engagement sessions where the community will participate in small group discussions, which will ensure that everyone’s voice has an opportunity to be heard.

For information on our current Community Impact Strategy please see our Investment Guidelines HERE.

What Can You Expect at Each Engagement Session?

Each session will focus on the following questions:

What are your hopes and dreams for a vibrant community, that ensures everyone has the opportunities and tools to be healthy, safe, and reach their potential?

  • What assets, or strengths, does the community already have to support this dream? What are we doing well?
  • What barriers or challenges do we face? What needs to change in the community to achieve this dream?
  • How do the strengths and challenges differ for people living in urban area’s vs people living in rural or remote areas?

Key terms will be defined at the start of each session and then participants will be asked to think in the shoes of various community member perspectives, at each of the small group discussion tables.

List of Key Terms

Small Group Table Questions

Short project intro video (5 min)

Long project description video (19 min)


How Can You Participate?

Participate through our online survey HERE.


Contact Information

For more information, please contact

Kaitlyn Lalonde,

Outreach & Impact Coordinator

United Way Hastings & Prince Edward