Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2018
Giving Tuesday

This was our second year participating in Giving Tuesday. This year, we wanted to make a huge impact by showing our community the value of their donations- where it goes and what it looks like. When you become aware of where your donation goes, more people seem to donate, volunteer and pay it forward.

Our marketing this year was to shine light on the challenges in our community. We wanted to show that even the smallest donation would make the largest impact by creating scenarios of situations that can be overcome.

“TODAY IS #GivingTuesdayca

What does your donation look like?

$20 Per week provides wood or an oil tank fill up to keep a family warm for the winter months.

Having a warm home is essential this time of year, especially considering how fast winter is approaching. With your donation, you can help make a difference and keep a family warm during this winter.

Every bit helps and your donation stays 100% Local”

On top of all the social media posting through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, our local newspaper created an article about this movement and leveraged our campaign goal at 39%. Many of the donations we received yesterday were generated through people reading the newspaper and hearing us on the radio. Our small radio Station in Picton Called the “Grapevine” had interviewed us for Giving Tuesday and we gained a lot of momentum through their listeners. The same results with the radio stations here in Belleville- they did an amazing job with spreading the word and really providing information about the significance of Giving Tuesday.

We set the bar pretty high, aiming to raise $5,000 and gain 60 new donors to celebrate our 60 years of service. We announced in our press release- we would fully be matching donations up to $5,000 by “Women United” Members Cathy Rushton and Liz Knnude.

Not only did we receive donations through spreading the word, other charities and organizations received funding through our community outreach. Including the YMCA, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters and others. This goes to show the power of a good cause.

 We raised $6,475 – $1,475 more than our goal!

Gained 6 New Donors

Social Media Exposure

 We couldn’t have asked for a better day. We raised money, generating new donors,  our social media streams spiked and we created some momentum.

This Giving Tuesday was a great success and we’re looking forward to next year