Training offered to leaders of non-profit groups in Hastings & Prince Edward

April 12, 2021

Hastings & Prince Edward non-profit CEOs and leaders will have chance to participate in a six-month training program to help strengthen skills needed for non-profits.

The Leadership Development Program, which usually costs about $2,500, will be offered to non-profit organizations at a discount based on the size of their organization and provided by Laridae, a management consulting firm.

Jodi Cooper, Director of Community Impact at United Way Hastings & Prince Edward, says leadership training leads to community capacity building which is vital right now for the non-profit sector. “We’re so happy to partner to bring this training to our community. Especially to provide the scholarship opportunity at a time when budgets are already being stretched,” Cooper said. The goal of the program is to build the skills and expertise of CEOs and leaders of non-profits while strengthening connections with other non-profit leaders throughout the HPE region, she said.

Laridae is a management consulting firm dealing exclusively with non-profits, said CEO Danielle Rocheleau.
“We are always excited to collaborate with community organizations and enter into a partnership with United Way of Hastings & Prince Edward to collectively build the capacity of local non-profit leaders in the HPE communities,” Rocheleau said.

The training offered to senior leadership and management is comprehensive and allows people to look at the bigger picture of how their business is involved, she said.

“The training we have put together is an opportunity for some reflection and deeper understanding of some of the more fundamental pieces that will help leaders be successful in delivering and running an organization,” Rocheleau said.
Topics on many different levels of organizations are offered, she said.

“We cover things like working effectively between boards and leadership and revenue, the importance of having succession plans in place,” Rocheleau said. “We try to keep the training at the high level, but also very practical, though we talk about some of the theories, some of the legalities involved, some of the big picture thinking.”

To learn more, please go to: | 705-243-5585