Will Week pushes United Way Hastings & Prince Edward over $600,000

October 22, 2020

The 2020 campaign got a big boost from local lawyers who participated in the Will Week fundraiser this week. With more than 100 reservations available on Monday morning, spaces were completely sold out by end of day Wednesday. For a $200 donation, participants were able to reserve a spot to have a will completed by one of six sponsoring lawyers; Wendy Elliott of Wendy Elliott Law, Paul Russell of Paul Russell Law, Matthew Page of Matthew Page P.C,  Kimberly Mohan of Kimberley Mohan Law, Matthew Ward of Kaufmann Dockrill & Associates P.C., and Chris Black of Michael Black Law.

On the heels of Will Week, United Way Hastings & Prince Edward is reporting more than $600,000 has been raised to date in its annual fundraising campaign .  The organization opted to not announce a fundraising goal this year and is instead benchmarking against last year’s achievement as it strives to raise as much as possible during these times.  Comparatively speaking, as of Oct 22nd, 2019, the group had raised almost $510,000.   “We are thrilled with where we are to date” said, Brandi Hodge, Executive Director  “This community is incredible and has responded with generosity and a genuine desire to care for their neighbours.”

More than two hundred workplaces and thousands of community donors rally each year in support of the United Way Hastings & Prince Edward campaign.  In 2019, total donations amounted to more than $1.95  million, enabling financial support to 62 local programs and initiatives throughout Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.  Inspector Sheri Meeks, Chair of the 2020 United Way Campaign indicates it’s still too early to predict the outcome of the campaign, “These are early days.  The workplaces that support this campaign through payroll deduction programs haven’t wrapped up yet so we don’t have those totals;  we know that some will have been impacted by the pandemic” she said.  “Right now, we are tracking a little ahead of last year which is exciting, but it’s too early to identify any trends – we have a long way to go so we can’t take our foot off the gas.”

Community members wishing to support the 2020 United Way HPE fundraising campaign can do so by contacting their office at 613.962.9531 or unitedwayhpe.ca/donate/